UNDISPUTED Consulting was created while in pursuit to discover an efficient and accurate method for resolving complex claims and loss-disputes. Through countless years of personally observing status quo property claims handling practices, Co-Founders Chad Henry and Luke Bowman had grown weary of watching claims ultimately end in dispute and/or litigation time and again; resulting in mistrust between principle parties.  In the wake of nearly two decades of managing property claims as contractors and building consultants, the need for a new and innovative approach to “consulting” became clearly evident, while the original purpose of the craft appeared to become diluted and/or forgotten.  

Henry and Bowman began to consolidate their experiences and observations and identify trending problems and the causes for decline in successful claims resolution. This led to an organic reevaluation of personal approach and mindset, which became the impetus for a claims resolution model established on this age-old concept; be most Valuable to our clients and customers by Efficiently providing Accurate information in a Timely fashion. It quickly became evident, development and execution of this new concept model could only realize its full potential with the addition of talented and like-minded individuals. 

Hai Nguyen, the “secret ingredient," rounded out the UNDISPUTED Consulting executive team contributing his knowledge and experience in commercial and residential construction, along with his extensive technical background of systems and information management. Hai brings to the table an extraordinary ability to efficiently dissect, organize, and illustrate substantial amounts of data into information utilized in the acceleration of claims resolution.

Our executive team has worked shoulder-to-shoulder on every catastrophic event since early 2017 reconciling together in excess of $1 Billion in property loss and counting. While UNDISPUTED Consulting may be in its infancy, our team is experienced in complex loss and dispute resolution, battle tested as a unit, and prepared to execute the objectives of our clients and customers with efficiency, accuracy, and in a time frame allowing them to make important decisions based on the right information. Contact us today and experience the UNDISPUTED Difference!